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Project in a nutshell:

Here we present to you the success story of how we revoked the Google Manual Penalty for Below is the snippet view of the whole story :

Name of the company Smart Income Protection
Penalty Type Manual
Reason  Unnatural Links, High Risk Anchor Text
SIM started work 2/11/2015
Backlink Analyzed 2/12/2015
Total Backlinks 2023
Total No. of Domains 587
Good Domains 268
Bad Domains 319
Anchor Text Analysis 2/14/2015
Contacting Webmasters 2/16/2015 to 2/27/2015
Disavow Request 3/3/2015
Reconsideration Request 3/4/2015
Reconsideration Attempts 1st
Recovered on 3/11/2015
Time Frame to Revoke Penalty 30 days


Synopsis about the company – ‘Smart Income Protection’:

Smart Income Protection is a distinguished portal that offers information on Income protection cover to the individuals of Australia. They offer apt insurance solutions of different blue-chip companies at attractive rates. Their unique selling offer is – “No clinical checkup required” for most of the insurance plans. The company also assures their clients that they will support them in any kind of chaotic state with regard to the insurance coverage. The clients can easily register for easy coverage with the help of internet from their house. Moreover, Smart Income Protection offers a cost-free service, which in turn would save around 20% on the policy subscribed for. They also offer an easy comparison between various other insurance companies..

The Challenge:

Even with an extraordinary track record Smart Income Protection was not able to escape from Google’s Penguin update and lost a considerable amount of organic traffic. For Smart Income Protection, which was dependent on leads that were generated through Google, this hit would prove a shattering penalty.
Track record Smart Income Protection
The Smart Income Protection’s in house team acted quickly and took steps to clean up the bad backlinks but, even after 3 reconsiderations they were not successful. Even the organic visibility did not improve and the organic visits from Google were lined flat in the analytics report.

When Smart Income Protection’s team could not revoke the penalty, they requested our help to rescue their website from “Google Manual Penalty.”

When the offer was signed, the clients were promised that the Penalty will be revoked in 30 days and in the first time attempt for reconsideration.

We identified the following Issues, during the Backlink Analysis:

  • The Anchor Text was over optimized
  • Too many links from the low quality/spam sites were pointing to the site.
  • Many links were pointing from irrelevant sources.
  • Paid links and link schemes were also causing trouble.
  • The visitors were automatically redirected to a different page when they clicked on the search results.
  • The visitors were forced to stay on the website by immobilizing the functionality of the browser’s back tab.
  • Many contents were of low value and copied contents.
  • The ads were heavy on the page.
  • The site had a bounce rate of more than 60%.
  • Many users had created new pages and comments to the existing pages, and left with link back to their site for anchor link text.

Detoxing – The Recovery Plan:

The destination was clear – to recover from the Google Manual Penalty. For this purpose, we had to employ the most effective strategy to recover help the site from the Penalty and improve the online rankings.
We charted the following plan to reach the goal.

Step 1: Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis

  1. As a next step we classified these Backlinks to ‘Dofollow’ Domains and ‘Nofollow’ Domains.
  2. And we stepped on to the next step of ‘Penalty Recovery’ with the help of the ‘Dofollow’ Domain list.

Google usually castigates

  • domains that contain “buy links”, “paid links”, “article”, ” links”, ”high PR links”, “free links”, “free list”, “SEO link”,
  • “Banned Network IP’s”,
  • “FFA, SPAM & Link farms”,
  • “Forum Signatures”
  • “Low quality directories.”

We scrutinized the ‘Dofollow’ Domain list manually and identified 268 ‘Good Domains’ and 319 ‘Bad Linking Domains.

Step 2: Anchor Text Audit

Anchor Text Audit: We made sure that the density of the Anchor Text complies with the norms, and sent request mail to the Webmasters to alter the Anchor Text with High Density of Keywords. We also disavowed certain links where the Anchor Text could not be revised.

Link Schemes: We ruled out the backlinks that contained reciprocal links, PAID links,partner Links and recommendations.

SiteWide Links: The client was also struggling to get the blogroll links removed for many months, which apparently led to the inflow of new links. After making several attempts to many of these links, we got them removed and for those we could not, we sent a reconsideration request to Google.

Step 3: Reaching out to the webmasters

Our team made sure to collect the contact details and advocate with all bad domain owners through the available sources viz., Email, contact form, Facebook, twitter etc.

This is a sample mail which we use to contact the domain owners.
contact the domain owners

Step 4: Disavow Request

When we did not get any reply from the Webmasters regarding the link removal, we stepped into the process of Disavowing and sending Reconsideration request to Google.

We chose the apt indexing version of the website before sending the request to Google. Also, a Disavow file was created with all the bad domains and high risk anchor text links that was proving harmful to the website.

Finally we uploaded the disavow file in the Google Webmaster Tools using
Google usually castigates

Step 5: Reconsideration Request to Google

Finally a reconsideration request was sent to Google. Our team explained all the efforts it has taken to resolve the issues. The mail contained the details of websites that was contacted and from which we haven’t received any reply. We also mentioned our strenuous effort of manually removing a large proportion of links. A document of all the efforts & tools used by the team and the relevant screenshots & contact details was also enclosed in the reconsideration request message.

The moment of victory!

After the revoking of the Google manual penalty, witnessed drastic improvement in the organic traffic. It was not just for a single page, but for most of the pages in the site. The organic traffic went up by 50% which is an all-time high, during the month of recovery of the website. The unique organic landing pages increased by 60% per month which is more than 10% increase comparing the other months. Since the business is internet based, the sales of Smart Income Protection multiplied after the website was recovered from the Google Manual Penalty.

Google manual penalty

Tools & Products used:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • A-hrefs
  • IP checker
  • Do-follow Checker
  • Anchor Text Analyzer
  • Google Disavow Tool
  • Microsoft Excel

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