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hotelmamallaheritageCompany Profile

Hotelmamallaheritage.com delivers an exceptionally pleasant stay exclusively for tourists traveling in and around Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram which is one of the greatest tourist destinations in India. The hotel hypes 43 fully air conditioned rooms delivering an impeccable comfort experience, thereby letting people foster every personal and professional need with perfect settings. For the utmost convenience of tourists, they provide 24 hour housekeeping service thereby guaranteeing appropriate care in meeting every need. Mamallapuram is classified as one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO due to several historical monuments projecting the skies.

The Challenge

Hotelmamallaheritage.com although a well renowned aesthetic hotel, faced several heart-rending issues. They ranked way too low on SERP due to lack of coordinated online marketing strategies, lack of brand exposure and fierce competition, which hindered them in reaching targeted customers on several channels online.

Their Return of Investment on Digital Marketing Campaigns by previous service provider was low due to irrelevant traffic and was not capable of converting visitors into potential customers. Given no meaningful reports on their stance in social campaigns, they were stranded to take their business to the next level.

Client Requirements

Hotelmamallaheritage.com charted out some essential requirements in strengthening their base online. They wanted to maximize their online shares as much as possible to drive in more customers through online booking service. They wanted more visibility in Social channels to promote their services and to reach prospective customers. Ranking on top of the SERP is the key to conversions, and they know it, and so do they want it. Amplifying their conversion ratio was one of their objectives in concretizing their base online, with reduced bounce rates by mapping relevant keywords associated to their business.


Since hotelmamallaheritage.com was facing several issues on their online presence, to identify the core of the issues we took the initial step of consulting them to converse and understand their business objectives through which a comprehensive report was charted out. Furthermore, we called on for strategic market assessment & competition Analysis to discover their stance in the competitive realm. We then uncovered the demands of customers through behavioral analysis of the customers using advanced analytical tools. To avoid irrelevant traffic, persistent keyword research was piloted to identify the most prominent keywords that convert. It is obvious that we are dominated by a world of mobile devices, and so did we deliver a responsive design that is compatible on all platforms coupled with 100% onsite optimization. To get best conversions, we optimized their landing pages through A/B testing to deliver impelling Call-to-actions & alluring impressions that has the peak converting stamina. Brand matters a lot for winning trusts instantly, but they lacked it. So with several marketing insights, we efficaciously promoted their business on offsite and local as well.



The aforementioned intensive solutions resulted hotelmamallaheritage.com in witnessing improved sales and exponentially amplified its ROI in just a matter of 3 months, which projected a clear sign of progress in their business. The resulting impact was maximum brand exposure which subsequently led to considerable increase in conversion rate of website. Needless to say, the aftermath was tremendous improvement which we have enlisted as follows.

  • Top Rankings for targeted keywords
  • 42% Increase in Organic traffic
  • 44% Increase in social traffic
  • 28% Increase in referral traffic
  • 12% Increase in direct traffic
  • 40% Increase in Overall traffic
  • 30% Increase in Leads

Products and services used

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Local Business Listing in Niche sites
  • Off-page promotions
Download a digital version of this case study by clicking Hotel Mamalla Heritage_Case Study.

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