Contest and Sweepstakes Marketing– A Proven Case Study



Digital marketing trend is evolving day by day based on the search engine algorithm updates. Everyone looks forward to finding reliable sources to promote their websites. I did an in-depth study on this and found out that contest and sweepstakes directories are one of the popular Search Engine Friendly source for SEO. 


1.   Contest and Sweepstakes
2.   Directories
3.   Promotion   
        3.1   Required Details
4.   Result Analysis
        4.1   Syndication
               4.1.1   Syndication in Social Channel
              4.1.2     Syndication in Feed Channel
              4.1.3     Syndication in News Channel
       4.2   Referral Traffic
       4.3   SEO Value
5.  Live Forever (Permanent Listing)
6.  Benefits
7.  Advance Contest Promotion
8.  Recommended for
9.  Conclusion


1. Contest and Sweepstakes:

Contest and Sweepstakes promotions use incentives to invoke interest towards a brand, cause, service or product.

A contest rewards skill; winners are determined based on their skill, popularity or judging.

Sweepstakes selects winners at random; winners are determined based purely on luck. When you enter sweepstakes, you have to follow the rules, and the winner is selected by chance. In short, Sweepstakes does not accolade winners based on their skill.


2. Directories:

After my research on popular contest and sweepstakes directories, I have gathered top 30 active directories to promote contests and sweepstakes. These directories were picked up based on various factors such as the Page Rank, IP, activity and approval rate. As per my analysis these directories can be used for promoting the following as well;
– Contests
– Sweepstakes
– Giveaways/Freebies


3. Promotion:

In order to analyze the results of contest and sweepstakes directories, we planned to promote a SEO contest and created a contest page on Facebook as well as on the Submitinme site . Thereafter this contest was promoted with the help of“contest and sweepstakes directories”.


3.1 Required Details:

The following details are the required info to distribute a contest or sweepstakes in these directories;

Mandatory Fields:

* Contest Title:
* Contest Descriptions
* Contest Tags or Keywords
* Contest webpage url
* Website
* Start Date:
* Expired Date:
* Prize value:
* Targeted Audience: (Region/Country/worldwide)
* Contact Email
* Contact name:


* Contact Address: (City, State Country, Zip)
* Contact Phone:
* Social Channel links: (FB, Tw, G+, Likn, Pin)

Based on the above requirements, we created a contest and distributed the details to various contest and sweepstakes directories.

In few of the directories, profile creation is mandatory and others allowed submission without registration.


4. Result Analysis:

With the completion of distribution, I reviewed the outcome and the result of the contest promotion was exciting;

Most of the directories had published the submitted listings within 24 hours of distribution. The below are few of the published links,

Overall 23 out of 30 directories had approved and listed our contest in their sites.  


4.1 Syndication

These directories are not only stop with approving the contest, they also syndicated the contest info to various channels like social media, feed directories and news channels etc


4.1.1 Syndication in Social Channel:

 Facebook Syndication


4.1.2 Syndication in Feed Channel:


4.1.3 Syndication in News Channel:



 4.2 Referral Traffic:

 Within a short period of time these directories helped driving in a good number of referral traffic. Take a look at the below Google Analytics screenshot.


4.3 SEO Value:

 Along with the above mentioned results, these Contest and Sweepstakes directories had a good SEO value too. Within a day, our Submitinme contest page that was nowhere in the top 100, gained the 32nd position on Google’s result page. Here is a Screenshot Proof;


5. Live Forever:

 These Contest and Sweepstakes directories do not remove the history of the contest at all. The contest history remains on the site forever. Given below is an image of an expired contest that has been stored in the directory for almost 4 years since the date of expiry.



6. Benefits:

– Creates online popularity for the contest and enhances brand reputation.

– Creates a trustworthy online activity especially for E-commerce websites.

– Helps to build genuine and safe backlinks– Increases the referral traffic and keeps your customers more active on your website as well as the social channels.

7. Advanced Contest Promotion: 

Instead of promoting individual services, a package of related services will be helpful to attain good results always. The following services are the advanced promotion technique for a contest or sweepstakes.

Press Release Marketing:
Write a newsworthy press release content regarding the contest and have it published on the press release directories. Press release distribution helps you announce the contest on various news channels.

– Contest/Sweepstakes Distribution:
Contest and sweepstakes directories are the dedicated source to promote contest. These directories publish the contest details with a link back to the source website.

Social sharing:
Related communities, social pages and guest blogs are other sources that would helps to gain good social signals.


8. Recommended for:

Contest / Sweepstakes marketing is highly recommended for online services, products and especially to ecommerce websites. This marketing technique helps various services to create a trustworthy brand reputation online.

It is not only a branding technique but also helps you create a noteworthy Online Presence. It is a good way to drive in a lot of traffic to your site and social channels. So if you are thinking of boosting your site’s reputation, make this strategy a part of your business.


9. Conclusion:

Based on our thorough research, I thereby conclude that contest and sweepstakes marketing is a result oriented promotion technique. It would not only help you advertise your product and services but it will also help your customers get involved into your site in a short span of time. As mentioned earlier, promoting a contest as a package would do good rather than announcing contests for individual services.

 Keeping your audience active on your site for more than a few minutes might seem impossible but this approach will help you have them engaged and be of great value in terms of business. We thus plan to offer this service to our clients..! Feel free to contact us to know more about our Contest and Sweepstakes marketing service


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