E-Commerce SEO – A Case Study



Ecommerce Marketing is one of the hot topics today, and not without reason. After the recent Google algorithm update’s everyone is running after “the best strategy” to promote their ecommerce websites online.

Here I would like to share my experience in promoting an online saree (Indian women’s wear) shopping ecommerce store Rajmatisarees LogoRajmatisarees.com, which sells all types of latest and traditional sarees at affordable prices through its website. In April 2013 I spoke to Mr. Vijay (owner of RajmatiSarees) and promised him that we can offer regular improvements with his website’s ranks. He trusted us and granted us the job.

Website Analysis:
Before proceeding with the promotions we made an in-depth analysis of Rajmatisarees.com and understood that there were a lots of onpage issues in the website. As per the recent Google Updates, onpage factors are playing a bigrole, and so it is mandatory to optimize all the onpage issues before proceeding with the offpage promotions. We suggested the plan to Mr.Vijay and he gave us full permission to optimize his website.

Initial keyword Ranking:
Initially we tracked the position of few popular keywords mentioned below that are of high competition.

Initial Keyword Ranking

Initial Traffic:
The below image shows the traffic report,before we started the promotion for rajmatisarees.

Initial Traffic


Onpage Optimization:
We began the promotion for rajmatisarees.com after optimizing the onpage issues. The main factors are listed below,

    • Keyword Research
      Do an in-depth keyword research and selected the appropriate keywords for each pages.

    • Meta Content Optimization
      Write meta titles, descriptions per page and optimize it.

    • Header tag Optimization
      Include SEO friendly Header tags in all the pages.

    • Image Optimization
      Optimize the images with seo friendly name tag and ALT tag.

    • Canonical Optimization
      Optimize the duplicate pages

    • Google Page Speed Optimization
      Optimize the junk codes and speedup the Google loading speed with 90+ score.

    • HTML Schema Optimization
      Optimize the Rich snippet factor, which is one of the highly recommended services for Ecommerce websites.HTML Schema Optimization


Ranking Drop at the End of Onpage Optimization:

Once we completed the onpage optimization by making the changes in Meta contents, the site got a little drop in the rankings and visits, which is shown the image below,
Ranking Drop


Usually clients will stop the process at the end of first month when we get a ranking drop after the changes being done onpage as they might think that we have done something wrong and that might have caused the ranking drop. Actually this is the time for search engines to de-index the website urls for wrong keywords to targeting the right keywords. So worrying about this drop and stopping the promotion will be a biggest mistake from the client side. After the onpage optimization we begin with the link building process.

But at the other end the ranking for targeted keywords are increasing as well. The below images shows the ranking increase from initial position,

First Month Keyword Position



Off-Page Promotions:

Once the onpage optimization process is completed we begin the monthly offpage promotion with strategic services like,

    • Recommended Services
    • Related Services
    • Social Media Branding

Recommended services are the mandatory services which are highly result oriented to ecommerce business. In recommended services we have included the below services for ecommerce,

  • Coupon marketing
    Distribute the coupon code and the related details to 100 popular coupon directories by creating a dedicated store profile.

  • Deal Promotion
    Distribute the discount and offer details to 50 popular deal directories.

  • Social Shopping
    Setup a social store in popular 25 social shopping stores and add products under the stores

In related services we included all types of content marketing and popular link building strategies like press release promotion, website submission etc.

In social media branding, we created company profiles in popular web2.0 properties and maintained with related updates. It will help to create the brand reputation online.Totally our promotion covers all the factors of Search Engine Optimization.


Improvements in Visits:
We have used these services month by month with proper link and keyterm variations which helped to get the ranking up from the middle of 3rd month.

Visits Increased

The results clearly mentioned that we should wait minimum 3 months to track the results of our promotions. Some of them will fail to continue the promotions after 3 months. They think of the strategies are not working and stop the promotions, which is equivalent to starting from scratch.


Current Visits and keywords Position:
The below image clearly mentioned that the visits increased significantly from July 19. On that day Google rolled out panda recovery algorithm update. So it is clearly visible that our promotion can have effect from algorithic updates too.

Current Visits:
Panda Recovery


Current Google Ranking:


We are promoting rajmatisarees.com to achieve first page rankings for all the keywords…


ROI for RajmatiSarees.com

Along with the main keywords we have also targeted other keywords as well. Google position for all the keywords and the “Cost per Click” price is mentioned in the below image as well.

ROI for Rajmatisarees


Client Feedback:


“It has been a pleasure working with your company and has really become an asset to us. We have been enjoying your great services & timely alerts. To summarizes, World class SEO & Social Media Solution at hand.”

Rajmati Fashions


Based on the analysis I have concluded the following points,
– Onpage factors are playing a big roles in SEO. Promoting a website by optimizing the onpage initially, will works without fail.
– Once the onpage optimization is completed, ranking drop will happen.
– It will taken minimum 3 months to track the exact results of the promotions.
– Promotions can take effect from the algorithm updates too.
– Regular maintenance only brings good results.
– Coupon/deal and social shopping services are highly recommended for ecommerce promotions.

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