How we ranked on the 1st Position in Google for Dental Searches in Sydney / Melbourne


Google for Dental Searches in SydneyOnline Presence for a Local Business is very important to acquire a steady customer base. This could take you from nothing to everything. The online visibility could fetch more leads/customers, increase the revenue and maximize the ROI.

Here we present the Local Business strategy that helped acquire the 1st rank in the SERP:

Website :
Targeted Keywords : dental implant cost Melbourne, dental implant cost Sydney, cheap dental implants Melbourne, dental implant surgery cost, tooth implants price, discount implants dental, tooth implant cost Sydney, mini dental implants cost melbourne
Business : Dental Implants
Targeted Local Area : Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
Project Start Date : 08/06/2014

Outline of Dental Implants Professionals:

The Dental Implants Professionals are located at Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. They offer high class dental Implants at the least possible cost of $2850, which is much lower than an average dental implant cost. The professionals there ensure the quality by working only with Dental Implants which are recognized worldwide and Australian approved.

The specialists who plan the Dental Implant are Prosthodontists, Dental Surgeons, Periodontists and Hygienists, they all work conjointly. The chief doctors Dr. Anaf and Dr. Pinho are the renowned members of the Australian Dental Association, they are distinguished to tackle any issues with regard to Dental Implants.

The Challenge:

The Dental Implants Professionals were offering quality services by renowned professionals, but they did not get much recognition from their clients. Though they tried to spectacle their services through various means of marketing, their desired credits were not acquired. Moreover, they did not have much online presence before working with us. The keyword ranking of the client was not in the first 5 pages when they approached us. This is the rank they held for their keywords before handing over the project to us.

  • #48 – ‘dental implant cost Melbourne’
  • Not in 100 at all – ‘dental implant cost Sydney’
  • Not in 100 at all – ‘cheap dental implants Melbourne’
  • Not in 100 at all – ‘dental implant surgery cost’
  • Not in 100 at all – ‘tooth implants price’
  • #98 – ‘discount implants dental’
  • #96 – ‘tooth implant cost Sydney’
  • Not in 100 at all – ‘mini dental implants cost Melbourne’

This situation was strenuous at the start, but we believed that there was every opportunity for development and we could change this scenario.

Apart from this challenge, the website required a renovation on

  • SEO copywriting + on-page optimization
  • link building
  • link architecture
  • local directory optimization

The Strategy

Our team focused on both the content experience and the User experience as it would increase the traffic and rank of the website. The User experience comes only from the layout of the website and the staple of the User experience is the content. To comprehend this, we built the following strategy:

  • Keyword Analysis: Our team did a thorough analysis of the market, including the environment, competition and relevant keywords. The keywords were set in such a way that could help the website get ranked both by the location and category. Our motto was not to just compete with the keyword groups, but to have a control over the best ones to bring in more traffic.
  • Content Creation:
    • We filled multiple pages of the website with high-quality fresh contents that will keep the reader on the page for a longer time.
    • We gave only crisp details of the services in the homepage and links led to individual pages for a detailed view, making the in-site links strong
  • Linkbuilding Strategy: Emphasis was also made on the Inbound and Outbound links. The Website was linked with relevant quality sites. Since Google has put a dot in generating inbound links through guest blogging, we created Organic inbound links with the help of Social Media.
  • Local SEO: We narrowed down the search results, and made sure that it reached the right target audience and traffic was generated from within the country. We defined geocentric contents to get a higher conversion rate. The articles also included local landmarks, street names and other identities that was crucial for local SEO.
  • The NAP Rule: Our team made sure that the name, address and phone number is the same in all the directories.
  • The latest Listing: We carefully analyzed that the business listings are perfect, reliable and indexed in all the major directories. We also provided the site with a GPS listing.
  • On-site Enrichments: The website was made mobile friendly and the broken links were also fixed.
  • Social Media Promotions: Influential profiles were created in the social media channels and the services were promoted.

The team also kept an eye on the Google algorithm updates and reacted to the changes with feasible solutions always

The Results

After the grooming of the website and the Local promotional measures for 5 months, not only did their traffic leap by 134.89%, but their sales lead also increased. The client got a maximum brand exposure with our efforts which led to a significant increase in the conversion rates of the website. The referral traffic through social media also showed a significant increase. Have a view at the Google Analytics Traffic report, where we have gained triumphant results.
Google for Dental Searches in Sydney  result
Our team and our clients were happy about the rankings as the significant keywords were ranking in the first position amidst the tough competition.

Here are a few of the top performing keywords.

  • #1 – dental implant cost Melbourne
  • #1 – dental implant cost Sydney
  • #1 – cheap dental implants Melbourne
  • #1 – dental implant surgery cost
  • #1 – tooth implants price
  • #2 – discount implants dental
  • #1 – tooth implant cost Sydney
  • #4 – mini dental implants cost Melbourne

Climbing up by 99 positions is not an easy task, it requires good tactics and efficient resources to accomplish this mission, and we have it all.


Targeted Keywords Initial Ranking (Month 1) Current Ranking (Month 7) Ranking Comparison CPC Value
dental implant cost Melbourne 48 1 47↑ $6.96
dental implant cost Sydney Not in 100 1 99↑ $7.64
cheap dental implants Melbourne Not in 100 1 99↑ $10.67
dental implant surgery cost Not in 100 1 99↑ $1.76
tooth implants price Not in 100 1 99↑ $2.15
discount implants dental 98 2 96↑ $2.23
tooth implant cost Sydney 96 1 95↑ $8.17
mini dental implants cost Melbourne Not in 100 4 96↑ $2.08

What has the customer gained out of this project?

  • The client’s website is ranking in the first position in the search engines
  • The lead position in the search results has built trust in their customer’s mind
  • The clientele base has increased and they get a new patient almost everyday
  • Our client has saved a hefty sum of money by not investing in the ‘Cost Per Click’ (CPC) program.

Products and Services Used

  • Google Keyword Tool, Word Tracker for Keyword Research
  • Google Webmaster Tools for On-page optimization
  • Google Analytics for Analytics Tracking
  • Local Business Citation in Niche sites
  • Off-page promotions

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