Maximizing the effectiveness of Link Wheels


As released in our news section, a research to analyze and maximize the effectiveness of link wheels is scheduled to start early next week. The preps for the link wheel research have already started.

The Strategy: A Bronze link wheel (see the pattern 12 social media sites – with 2 inner wheel sites and 10 outer wheel sites) is to be framed based on the main keyword “link wheels”. Unique content would be written based on the researched keywords. These keywords would be used as the anchor text as well. We expect the link wheel to get indexed naturally; however some extra promotion would be done if required

Target: Increase in targeted traffic along with improvement in search engine rankings for the chosen keywords

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Milestone: Keyword research completed.

Details: Keywords were chosen for writing the content and using as anchor texts. Competition, search volume and the trends were considered as deciding factors for choosing the keywords.

Keywords for inner wheel:

Link Wheels – Link Wheel
Keywords for outer wheel (2 sets of 5 keywords each)

Content Marketing – link wheel service – seo link wheel – google wheel – google wonder wheel link
linkwheel – link wheel pattern – link wheel seo – link wheel tools – link wheel promotion


Milestone: Content Writing completed

Details: Content for the link wheels is now written based on the keywords. A total of 8 blog posts were written so that a custom link wheel of 2 inner wheel sites and 6 outer wheel sites can be formed. The content is written after extensive research and are completely unique between each other.

Publishing these contents as a link wheel is scheduled to be done on Wednesday. Updates on the effectiveness of the campaign would be available from then.

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