Our new SEO package is named “Googled” as it is based on Google’s recent algorithms


We at SIM labs understand that name doesn’t matter when it comes to an SEO package but effectiveness does. However, we have been giving atmost importance for naming our new SEO package because we needed the SEO world know the specialty and importance of this strategy by seeing the name itself. Named as “Googled”, this SEO package is entirely based on Google’s algorithm changes and the recent SEO tips offered by official Google sources. We have been listening to sources such as webmaster tools official blog, Matt Cutts’ SEO QnA video and the hottest news sources discussing about over SEO penalties. This new offering is planned based on all these inputs entirely for domination in Google.

The challenge that our research team had faced is to consider over optimization as a factor when framing this SEO package. The reason is that,there are no clear information available about “what qualifies as over optimization” and “what penalty” has Google planned for such sites. We had to correlate several factors, logics and gather bits and pieces of information from Google sources to come up with this plan. Our findings were published as a news story earlier today and this SEO package is based on all the factors mentioned there.

Before the package goes live at Submitinme within a few days of fine tuning, here is an overview of how the strategy works:

According to Matt Cutts’ recent video QnA session, the key to a successful SEO strategy is to have something interesting about your website of service to talk about. Once there is something interesting, the information would be shared on social networks, social media sites and social bookmarking sites (Matt had named a few social bookmarking sites such as stumbleupon and digg). The promotion is done gradually over a period of one month with natural backlinks to the website from anchor texts that make sure your website does not end up in over optimization and get penalized. The concept of this SEO package is based on this video from Matt (though this video is a year old, the search engine algorithm is based on all these factors just got fine-tuned with even more importance)

When is the launch?

With over optimization penalty to hit very soon, we are making the launch asap. However, as search engines are in the quest for quality with very strict guidelines, SIM labs is right now making sure that the package doesn’t have any flaws. The launch of “Googled SEO” would happen sometime this week. You can subscribe to our Smart Updates to get notified as soon as the package is launched.

The package would be publicly available on our SEO packages section.

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