What is the right combination of SEO services for low budget and quick promotion?


When launching new pages or services or products or minor updates at the website, a quick, effective and a very much affordable SEO strategy is necessary. It is not viable to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for letting the world now about opening new pages or sections on your website, as this happens very often.  You cannot just ignore the promotion as well, because the new pages would get lost in the internet ocean. Our research team was presented with a challenge to formulate a SEO package under $50 with the best combination of strategies that can get instant results.

The challenge: SEO Package cost cannot be more than $50 and should include strategies that can get exposure in general search, social media and news channels

Expected Result: Quick promotion, creating news value, user value and social media value to the website within 10 days.

The Handpicked SEO services:
By gathering records of past results obtained for our clients, we handpicked the following services. The combination of SEO services was made aiming at maximum utilization of the potential of each strategy:

Press release promotion – Powerful strategy to get instant exposure in all major search engines. Adds great news value to the website.

Organic Manual Social Bookmarking – Manual social bookmarking using different real user accounts adds user value to the website in no time. The process was spread over a period of 10 days for organic looking promotion.

News Bookmarking – The press releases were published after 5 days of distribution. We grabbed the published press release from the best directory and news bookmarked it. This made the press release appear in Google news and get syndicated by many social media sites, blogs etc.

Google Plus stream posts – Stream posts with a link back to the website act as social signals which are one of the top priority search engine ranking factors. Google plus was chosen in place of facebook because of the changing trends.

The promotion completes in 10 days and the results obtained with this combination are amazing. As the strategies go hand in hand creating user value, news value and social value, your new pages would get popular in no time.

With confirmed results, this combination would go into SIM’s line of affordable SEO package soon (Priced at $50). Check out SEO packagessection to know when the SEO package is launched


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